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MedicScan® OCR True Parse

Scans Data & Image to File

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Docketport 667
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Docketport 687
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Docketport 467
With Simplex A4 Scanner $689
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Docketport 487
With Duplex A4 Scanner $939
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With Camera Scanner $999
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MagShell 900
With Magnetic Reader $678


MedicScan ® OCR True Parse, the OCR version of MedicScan is similar to MedicScan, but it also extracts the card's text information and presents it in text format. The captured text can be attached to the patient's electronic chart, saved to a file, or exported to various applications such as a database, MS Word and Excel, etc., as well as emailed and sent to an FTP or web address.

MedicScan ® OCR True Parse together with the Docket Port scanner effectively eliminates the time and efforts of manually typing the information into your software, increases productivity and reduces human error by automating the archiving process.

  • Fully automated scanning process allows users to focus on chain-feeding cards into the Docket Port scanner, while image and data extraction and processing takes place automatically in the background.
  • The image of the insurance card is interactive.
  • Automatic page-feed detection launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a medical card into the Docket PORT scanner.
  • Documents image and data are stored locally or exported automatically.
  • Extensive export capabilities, export to various applications, email, FTP and the web
  • Image auto alignment automatically corrects incorrect card insertion.

MedicScan OCR True Parse software does not have it's own database to store the images. If you need a database for storing the medical card images, checkout our MedicScan Pro and MedicScan Pro OCR applications.

Supported Scanners
Powered by USB scanning devices:
ANY Twain compliant scanner
ALL ScanShell Scanners
ALL SnapShell Ultra Fast Camera Scanners
Docket PORT® 665/667 card scanner
DocketPORT® 685/687 duplex card scanner
DocketPORT® 465/467 full page scanner
DocketPORT® 485/487 duplex page scanner
Travelscan® 662 card scanner

OCR window
Finally, a True solution for scanning and retrieving information from medical insurance cards! Not only can MedicScan ® OCR True Parse automatically extract vital information from the insurance cards, but it can also place the data into appropriate fields. In addition to this, the image of the card will become interactive, allowing the user to select specific fields, parts of a field, or even multiple fields together for additional extraction.

Scanning Automation
Automatically detect card insertion and Immediately scans once a card or document is inserted into the Docket Port scanner without pressing a button. Automatically straightens, cleans and crops any size image for clean scans with no black borders. Automatically saves the image to a directory of your choice on a local computer or server.

Workflow Automation
  • Merges both sides into a single image so all data is visible onscreen
  • Unlimited configurations for complete customized workflows
  • Set password to lock-down configuration settings
  • Choose different formats for organizing the combined images
  • Application mode, Tool Bar Mode, Tray Icon Mode, minimized Kiosk mode or complete no GUI mode.
  • Timeout feature to ensure completed scanning cycles
  • Automatic image rotation
Scanning Options
  • The Docket PORT scanner scan in true color (24bit), grayscale (8bit) or black & white (1bit)
  • Set image resolution from 75 DPI to 600 DPI for ideal image quality and size File Saving Options
  • 9 popular file formats to choose from – BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PCX, TGA, PSD, GIF, PNG or PDF
  • Save directly to the clipboard for pasting capability
  • Automatically saves with a fixed name, a numerically ascending name or times tamp or manually name the file for complete control
  • Advanced compression options to control file size

Printing Options
Auto-print to any printer on network
Auto-print one or multiple copies
Control over where the image appears on the page
Control Zoom printing up to 200% for easy to read images
Insert data onto the print copy as a header or footer(static text, time stamp or file name and path information)

Watermarking Options
Insert data into the image as a header, footer or on the image itself (static text, time stamp or file name and path information)
Control Watermark colors, fonts and transparency level.

Magnetic Reader
Magnetic reader support for raw and medical data capture with appropriate hardware

Technical Information

System Requirements
Windows 98 Second Edition or higher

Hardware Requirements
Intel® Pentium® III 933 MHz or comparable
15 MB free storage space

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