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Quickly and accurately read data from medical cards. Automate the process of digitizing images and data into digital forms.
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All our hardware has the highest quality, speed and accuracy. Combined with CSSN software solutions, provides an end to end, user friendly imaging solution.
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Product Line

As a global leader in image processing and OCR software, Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) offers a complete range of DocketPORT scanners to meet your scanning needs.

The DocketPORT line of scanners features a variety of simplex and duplex scanners.

DocketPORT Scanners
Key Features:

  • High Quality Simplex and Duplex Scanners
  • Hi-Speed Scanning up to 10PPM
  • Full 24-Bit Color
  • 600 DPI Resolution
  • LED Bulbs - Longer life and durability
  • Highly Portable
  • Lightweight
  • USB Powered
  • TWAIN compliant
docketport scanners with CSSN software Software Product Line

Transforming the front office of physicians, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies!

This software is an easy to use DocketPort scanner and software system from CSSN. It automates the process of transferring data from medical cards into electronic format.

The scanned data can be sent to a file or to a database. The data can also be integrated into existing patient management systems. The required information fields are automatically filled for the user without any intervention.

  • Scan medical insurance cards automatically with our DocketPort scanners.
  • Capture, organize and manage patient information within seconds.
  • Sort, categorize and retrieve patient information.
  • E-Mail patient data and export it to any application.
  • Print out labels and lists (With MedicScan PRO OCR).
Never waste time again on photocopying, entering patient and billing information by hand, or retrieving hardcopies from patient files.
All DocketPORT scanners are lightweight with a tiny foot print. Being fully USB powered eliminates the need for external power supplies and extra cables. This portability allows them to fit into any laptop bag with ease and is the ideal mobile companion.
The DocketPORT scanners are available in A6 card scanners and A4 letter format with the option of simplex and duplex. Choose the simplex solution to scan one side at a time. Choose duplex to be able to scan both sides of a card or page at once. The scanners scan quickly and accurately, and are capable of scanning an A4 page in under five seconds while still maintaining quality. Available for Windows, Linux and MAC OS.

DocketPORT Scanners by CSSN

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